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Our managers have 60+ cumulative years in the industry. We have been running our discretionary portfolio for the last 20+ years. Before going independent in 2012, we were senior portfolio managers at Merrill Lynch.


We are a RIA registered with the SEC. We manage over $300 million for our clients and $15 Million for 3rd party advisors. We have handled accounts for other advisors for over the past 10 years. Internally at Merrill Lynch and now as a 3rd party RIA.


You’ll benefit from our time-tested, disciplined approach to investing. Our strategy, which reflects a blend of growth and principal preservation, consistently produces highly desirable long-term results

How Our Relationship Works

Your Responsibility

– Provide us with your client’s investment profile.
– Notify your clients of the equity trades as you see fit.

Our Responsibility

– Invest and manage in accordance with your client’s investment profile.
– Notify you of equity trades via email. Fixed is not worth the trouble.

Our Strategy

Our investment strategy allows us to get your clients the highest rate of return with the least amount of risk.  When your clients are invested in our strategy over a period of time, they successfully build their long-term wealth while protecting their principal.
  • Top Down Investing
  • Asset Allocation
  • Diversification
  • Active Management and Rebalancing
Portfolio Composition Description
Equity Portfolio Stocks
  • US Based Companies
  • Mostly Large-Cap
Fixed Portfolio Bonds
  • Municipal or Corporate
  • Investment Grade

A Better Management for Your Clients Investment Accounts

Annual fee of 40 basis points, billed quarterly. We bill for our portion of the fees directly from the account, and you bill your fee on top of ours.
Confirmation letter and portfolio snapshot upon inception. Quarterly performance reporting. Notifications of equity trades.
Access to money managers via phone and email. We are available to meet with your prospects to help you close.

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